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Think About It?!

So have you ever seen a picture of an artist or an album cover and thought, “I wonder what was going through their head in that picture.”  Well now you can find out!  Here are what some of our top artists may have been thinking during these pictures!  Oh, and don’t forget to click on their picture to check out their awesome music!


Another Cynthia

“Why are we sitting in these chairs?  They look like they should be in an airport… did you steal these from the airport?  Is that illegal?  If not what else can we steal from there?” (Guy in center)
“CAN WE GET THIS OVER WITH! I NEED TO PEE!” (guy in back left)


Brian Vadimsky

“Yes, I know I’m the man.

Yes, I can hurt you.

Now can you help me get this thing off my head?”



“That’s some nice fur.  I have no idea why that fur is on my coat
but … it’s nice.
It looks like my girlfriend’s cat’s tail.  Maybe that’s what she meant when she said I was doing weird things in my sleep. . . “

Eye Witness

“Hmm. Fancy that, we match”
(girl on left)

“Hoo.. hoo.. I can’t keep my hands to myself much longer!!”
(guy on right)


Jerry Cherry

“I wanted to be in home alone but here I am… At least I get some ice-cream and cherries.  Yum. WAIT!  YOU NEVER TOLD ME I DIDN’T GET TO EAT IT! MOM!!!”

Mana Poly All-Stars

“Don’t look at me.” (guy on far left)

“This table looks like a great place for a nap.” (guy third from left)

“Oh heeey.  To all my fans out there, thank you.  Oh no really, really, all that clapping isn’t necessary.  That’s for the Grammy all.  Peace”
(girl in center)



“Pink cola. Every rock-star’s dream.”

Rick Huckaby

“Gabriella is gorgeous and foreign…
but Katie has tickets to U2….”

Rockets to London

“Yeah man, lets change up this sound… OWWW Crap… head… meet keyboard.  I hope the audience didn’t see that.  Yeah… my head’s fine all… I just.. have an itch!”

The Minor Kings

“Dude, there’s a fine chica walking around over thereeee!” (guy on left)

“Ohhhh when you said standing in water… I thought you meant like walking on water.  This is just- my pants are wet…” (guy in center)

“Oh hey!  Look what I can do with my toes!” (guy on right)


Voodoo Economics

“Hey mannnn what’s up?!  Oh man, you have a nice lookin girlfriend!” (guy on left)

“Mmmm look at the sky.  OH, I think I see a cloud shaped like a bunny!” (girl)

“I wish both of you would stop touching me.  Who is she anyway…”
(guy on right)

Fantastic Plastic: Michael Zapruder’s latest to be released on CD this week

It is no secret that digital means of music marketing and distribution are taking over the record industry. Many people don’t even own CD players anymore, just an MP3 player and perhaps a few online subscriptions to sites offering downloads. Most artists, however, still let their fans enjoy the best of both worlds by releasing their music both digitally and on CD. Release dates are usually staggered with the digital album made available first, the way Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have done.

March 24th marks the official in-store release of Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope, the latest release from indie rock artist Michael Zapruder. This official “ribbon-cutting” will put the disc in the stereos and ears of a whole new group of listeners who haven’t already bought the album online. This method has done Zapruder well, keeping the press interested and giving the fans something to look forward to. A quick Google search brings back album reviews as recent as a few days ago, as well as many results for his popular video Ads for Feelings. Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope has been available online since October of 2008, but this second release makes it fresh and exciting all over again.


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Happy Birthday WERS

WERS Celebrates 60 years
This year, WERS celebrates 60 years of commercial-free, independent radio, and last night they hosted their own birthday party featuring Ryan Montbleau, Will Dailey, JJ Grey & Mofro and Pete Yorn. Although the formal setting of the Cutler Majestic Theater made the crowd a bit subdued, the performers couldn’t help but rock out anyway.

Last Friday, OurStage hosted a last minute contest to give away 2 free tickets to the concert; I caught up with the winner, and Boston-area artist, Brian Bergeron after the event. “It was great,” he said. “There were some hiccups in production, but my favorite part of the night was the way that Will rebounded from the sound issues.”

Will Dailey didn’t let the lack of a working mic get in his way; he stepped to the edge of the stage, strummed his guitar and belted out the Rolling Stones classic, You Can’t Always Get What You Want in seemingly perfect unison with the tech team scrambling with plugs and wires behind him. It was like watching an oddly choreographed dance.

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3 things you don’t know about SXSW

If you’re looking for things to do at SXSW we have plenty to add to your itinerary: a list of must-sees from Paste Magazine’s Jay Sweet, a TON of OurStage artists live on stage and some great (and entertaining) resources for indie artists and music lovers alike!

1) Sweet 16: artists not to miss

Living in the Northeast during March is a mud-filled, merciless grind. Luckily, the gods created SXSW. Yes the BBQ and Shiner Bock beer-soaked savior for those suffering Seasonal Affective Disorder begins this weekend. In wading through the oodles of e-mail invites, Jay Sweet, OurStage’s Editor at Large, has compiled the Sweet 16 list of artists not to miss while strolling along the sunny streets of Austin:

2) Over 80 OurStage Artists performing at SXSW!

Having just discovered that 86 members of the OurStage artist community will be performing at SXSW showcases next week, we’re glowing with pride like parents of a champion little leaguer! We dare you to try to catch them all live and in action!

3) Get Tour:Smart

At OurStage, we have a soft spot for NIN drummers; we recently posted an interview with current drummer Ilan Rubin and have recently launched a new partnership with past drummer, Martin Atkins.  Anyone trying to make a go in the music industry needs to know Martin; he’s a champion of independent musicians and their tour buses (which might not be your own RV, but we’re hoping it is at least a step above Greyhound). Swing by Martin’s booth at SXSW to get real-world advice on how to survive your own music career and pick up a free CD with tracks from OurStage artists.

To jump start your learning process, Martin has pulled together a list of his top 10 nuggets of advice for OurStage artists on the road:

The top 5 ways I discover music

We all have our own ways of sifting through the immense amount of great music and finding what we like, and the OurStage editorial staff is no different. We’re collecting our favorite music discovery outlets and will be sharing them with you over the next few weeks. You’ll get to learn a little more about us, and discover some great new music along the way! If you and I don’t share the same music tastes don’t worry. We’re a diverse bunch and I’m sure you’ll find a blogger you agree with!


WERS is the independent radio station broadcasting from Emerson University in Boston. Their motto is “independent music for the independent mind” and they hold true to it. One of my favorite things about living in the Boston area is that I get WERS on the radio; they accompany me to and from work everyday and my exposure to new music is limitless because of it. Over the past few years they have delivered artists like Jose Gonzalez, Adele, Antje Duvekot, Tunng, and The Bird and the Bee straight to my ears. If you’re in the Boston area, you should definitely check out their 60th Anniversary Concert featuring Pete Yorn this weekend. If you’re not in the Boston area, you can still discover great new music by listening to WERS online.

2) Grey’s Anatomy

Cliché? Possibly. Does it tell you a little more about me then I’d really like to share? You bet. I have to come clean, though. I love Grey’s Anatomy and their 5 seasons of music programming has done a lot of good for my iPod! My favorite finds include Ingrid Michaelson, Emiliana Torrini, KT Tunstall, Roisin Murphy, Jamie Lidell and Lenka.

3) NPR: All Songs Considered

I don’t listen to it often, but when I do I always end up downloading something new. I can thank the good people at NPR for motivating me to add Beirut, Andrew Bird, Okkervil River, Devotchka and John Vanderslice to my music library. You can get the podcast version and take it with you on the go. This show is definitely worth checking out; they will introduce you to great new artists, give you inside information and offer a fresh perspective all at the same time!

4) Festivals

I’m lucky that my job takes me to lots of music festivals all over the country. In the past 2 years I’ve been to Noise Pop, Bumbershoot, Virgin Music Fest and Newport Folk and Jazz. I’ve walked away from each one with a new artist to add to my list of favorites including She and Him, Kristin Hersh, Xavier Rudd, The Dodos and The Mountain Goats.

5) OurStage Favorites

Working at OurStage, I spend a lot of time crawling through the site’s charts, talking to our members and sharing music finds with my co-workers. I’ve put together a playlist of my all-time favorites for you to enjoy and, hopefully, start your own music discovery journey:

The New Regime’s Coup

ilan rubin the new regime coup album cover art
Ilan Rubin is, without a doubt, one of the hottest young drummers in rock today. Fresh off the release of his solo album recorded under the name The New RegimeCoup, Ilan joined up with Nine Inch Nails as their new touring drummer. Full of influences from classical music and classic rock acts like Led Zeppelin, Queen, and The Beatles, Coup covers a range of swelling builds and emotional moments.

Every song on Coup is distinct from the others, as The New Regime explores a variety of sounds, styles, and instrumentation on different tracks. On “The Credit “WE” Deserve”, Ilan gives us the acoustic guitar ballad that we were all hoping would be on the album – taking a step back from the large instrumentals that make the rest of the songs so exciting to listen to. Ilan’s classic rock influences are well represented in his interpretations of traditional rock styles, such as the fast-paced riffs of “Tap Dancing In A Minefield“. Coup is as much a full album story as a collection of individual songs, closing out with the soulful piano rock of “Somethings”.

While he was on tour in Australia with Nine Inch Nails, we had unique the opportunity to do a quick Q&A with Ilan about Coup, touring, and joining NIN. Check out the following pages for more on Ilan’s experience recording Coup, trying out new instruments for the album, joining Nine Inch Nails, experiences from his most recent tour in Australia & New Zealand, and Twitter.

Keep reading on for more from Ilan.

The Next electronic Prodigy


The name “Prodigy” has become almost synonymous with impressive electronica. In fact, this band has taken their popularity further than the standard “cult followings” of other electronic acts. Their high-energy songs, made up of driving synthetic beats and strangely forceful melodies, bring huge crowds into the club scene. After selling out arenas, The Prodigy was solidified in the industry as the most credible electronic group in the mainstream.

This group’s new album, Invaders Must Die, just came out this week, and it is already gaining critical acclaim. The band describes it as their “most complete” project to date, and they have plenty of reason to brag. The album’s current single, “Omen”, is nothing short of what a single should be: a well-rounded song with memorable hooks and danceable rhythms. “Run with the Wolves” is the most intense song, with a harsh, driving beat and some almost sinister qualities. The punch from this song is provided by drum samples that were recorded by Dave Grohl who is the lead singer/guitarist for Foo Fighters and formerly the drummer for Nirvana. The tour favorite (as well as the most downloaded song), “World’s on Fire”, gives the album it’s needed “thump” and repetitive vocal samples, encompassing all the elements of a great CD.

prodigy-2There are plenty of great Electronic artists on OurStage that you’ll definitely want to take a look at after enjoying Invaders Must Die. Made up almost exclusively of songs from our Electronic genre, this playlist even includes a couple of previous Grand Prize winners. Clearly, the electronic genre is making its mark on all listeners in the industry.

Meet Your Bloggers

Thanks for being a reader of the OurStage Blog. I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself and the other bloggers here, and throw out a couple of quick facts about our favorite things so that you can get to know us a little.



Brian Whalley, Director of Community
I’m the guy who keeps our Community team here moving – You see me in the blog posting reviews on music that I’m interested in, talking about meta-subjects like why we blog, who we are, and where we’re going. I also run the Twitter page @ourstage (and my personal account at @bwhalley), and put together our other site communication.
BASEBALL TEAM: Red Sox. (The B is tattooed on my back.)



Jessica Morris, Managing Editor
Jessica is our Managing Editor – she sets our calendar of what we’ll write about and when. Jessica keeps us all on schedule for getting our latest posts and announcements out. She also helps keep our Twitter and Facebook profiles up to date, and writes our weekly newsletter. You can follow her on Twitter at @whippersnapr or you can find her on OurStage judging in the alt. country, singer/songwriter, folk and indie pop music channels.


Mike Splain, Staff Writer
Mike is one of our fearless and intrepid interns at On loan for the spring semester, he is helping cover all aspects of our artist relations and promotions around the site. He’s also an avid blogger who helps keep the editorial content flowing. In the off hours, he’s a member of a local a capella group and listening to rock music compulsively. Mike is originally from Pennsylvania.
COLOR: Green


Jay Schneider, Staff Writer
Jay is our other fearless and bold intern from Northeastern. When not busy writing album reviews or talking to our artists about their craft, he’s seen playing his own instruments (mostly the bass). Jay hails from New Hampshire originally. Jay mostly focuses on new music reviews, and many other posts about OurStage artists & contest results.
BASEBALL TEAM: Red Sox (“‘course”, he said.)
COLOR: Orange
PROTEIN: Chicken

What do you want us to know about you? We’re writing this blog for you – scooping out the best in new music for you and giving you inside info on your favorite concerts and musicians. Let us know in the comments!


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