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Your Country’s Right Here: Risa Binder Makes Country Pop

Risa Binder not only lives in Nashville, she revels in it.

The country-pop singer songwriter may have grown up in Columbia, Maryland, but her heart was in Music City, after she found Loretta Lynn and then other icons such as Alison Krauss. Little wonder that the reality of living and working in Nashville — not to mention actually having Krauss drop by the studio in which Binder was recording her debut “Paper Heart” — still takes her breathe away.

“I just go and sit in the Bluebird Cafe and soak everything up,” said Binder. “Nashville is so crazy. It’s so exciting to be hear and hear a song come to life and play it and know others hear it. It’s all about everyone creating music.” Continue reading ‘Your Country’s Right Here: Risa Binder Makes Country Pop’

Khloé Kardashian ‘X Factor’ Debut; How Did She Do?

Since the announcement of Khloé Kardashian Odom and Mario Lopez as co-hosts of The X Factor, the anticipation toward their live show debut has been building. Wednesday night, the wait was finally over as we watched Lopez breeze through the show, with Odom awkwardly stumbling through. Check out more details after the jump. Continue reading ‘Khloé Kardashian ‘X Factor’ Debut; How Did She Do?’

Celebrities In Halloween Costumes: Heidi Klum, Diddy, Fergie & More!

It’s that time of year again! Between the carved pumpkins lining doorstops, shelves of candy practically disappearing overnight, and costume stores boasting Dracula, Superman, and pretty pretty princesses, there’s no doubt that Halloween is just around the corner.

This spook-tacular holiday isn’t just for kids anymore, (I mean, who doesn’t love free candy and dressing up?), and to help you get into the holiday spirit, we’re bringing you a taste of how celebrities across the country are celebrating this year. Check it out after the jump. Continue reading ‘Celebrities In Halloween Costumes: Heidi Klum, Diddy, Fergie & More!’

Kelly Clarkson Streams “Don’t Rush” Featuring Vince Gill

When I think Kelly Clarkson, I’m flooded with images of the sensational pop superstar, belting out strong choruses and dancing along to catchy beats. She’s an independent, take no guff, fierce role model, and that’s exactly the Kelly Clarkson we’ve grown to love.

However no one said the industry was without change, and as we listen to her latest release, “Don’t Rush” featuring Vince Gill, we’re falling in love with a much different version of Clarkson, as she dips into the country world.

Laid back, breezy and an overall easy listen, “Don’t Rush” is an intriguing peek into the vastness of Clarkson’s talents and capabilities, as she and Gill sing along in concise harmony.

Take a listen for yourself right here.


If you like Kelly Clarkson, check out OurStage artist Anneliese van der Pol.

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Your Country’s Right Here: Andrew Osenga Gets Spacey with Folk

Andrew Osenga has taken folk music where, arguably, no artist has gone before—space.

How else to explain the Nashville-based singer/songwriter/producer/musician Osenga’s “story” Leonard, The Lonely Astronaut, released on September 18. Perhaps the album’s theme was born of his love of science fiction and folk? Sure, rockers have explored this concept for years—David Bowie‘s 1973 album Aladdin Sane and Pink Floyd‘s 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon come immediately to mind—but it’s fairly new territory for folk. Credit Osenga’s eclectic taste in music for the turn.

“I was into grunge and then Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, all the shows on the big stages,” he said of his early influences. “The music was heartfelt but they could hide the fact that they were heartfelt by putting on a big show. When I moved to Nashville I became friends with folk artists and really got into Paul Simon, Emmylou Harris…..And I’m a huge literary nerd, too, so that helped make this.” Continue reading ‘Your Country’s Right Here: Andrew Osenga Gets Spacey with Folk’

Taylor Swift Live On Good Morning America

With all the buzz surrounding her latest album, Red, it’s no surprise that Taylor Swift has been a constant presence in our newsfeed. Early yesterday morning, Swift threw on her warmest show clothes and headed out to the middle of Times Square to perform on Good Morning America.

Beginning with her latest success “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Swift led straight into “Red” before finishing off the performance with her breakout hit, “Love Story.”

Speaking on Good Morning America, Swift said:

“I think for me, the music is my way of understanding what I’m feeling,” she says. “It’s kind of carried me my whole life and allowed me to filter through really complicated emotions and make them simple.”

Check out Swift’s performance right here.

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The Gaslight Anthem Video For “Here Comes My Man” Starring Elisha Cuthbert

Americana alt-rock band The Gaslight Anthem have premiered a new video for their song “Here Comes My Man” from their latest album, Handwritten, released this past summer by Mercury Recordings. The video stars actress Elisha Cuthbert (The Girl Next Door) daydreaming about finally meeting a man who will treat her right, matching the theme of the song. While she’s off on imaginary dates, the band is playing back at a barn show rigged up with dim lights. Slow-mo shots and good vibes abound. Check it out below:

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Taylor Swift Keeps ‘Red’ Album Off Rhapsody; #WheresTaylor Campaign Launches

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, and it likely won’t be the last. In the digital age, where we can have anything we want at the click of a button, Taylor Swift fans are learning that isn’t always the case.

Swift and her management have “made a decision not to make her new album available to Rhapsody’s million-plus subscribers for several months” causing quite the uproar among fans. With intent to remedy the situation, Sr. Director of Content Programming, Garrett Kamps has initiated the #WheresTaylor hashtag on Twitter, in the hopes that Swift can be swayed. Kamps says he is urging users to “post and Tweet and comment… (and) let Taylor know how much it would mean to all of us to have her latest on Rhapsody”. Check out more after the jump.

Continue reading ‘Taylor Swift Keeps ‘Red’ Album Off Rhapsody; #WheresTaylor Campaign Launches’

X Factor Renewed For Third Season

I can’t imagine a better way for reality TV junkies to start their Tuesday morning other than reveling in the recently confirmed news that FOX’s X Factor will be returning for a third season.

Though it is still unclear if Britney Spears or Demi Lovato will be back for the third season, FOX’s alternative entertainment president Mike Darnell made a few comments, which seemed to indicate a favorable push towards the two.

“The format changes are working, the contestants are unbelievably talented, and Britney and Demi — alongside Simon and L.A. Reid — have brought an incredibly fun new chemistry to the judges’ panel that our fans really love.”

Also weighing in on the renewal was everyone’s favorite love to hate him judge, Simon Cowell.

“I couldn’t be happier about The X Factor already being renewed for another season,” Cowell said, “I am so proud of the show and the team who have made it this season. I want to thank our incredible sponsors for their support and creativity, and FOX for going out of their way to do everything they can to make this show a success. Most importantly, I have to personally thank our amazing fans for the support and enthusiasm they have given to The X Factor. Our main commitment will always be to find great talent, and let’s not forget, we are now days away from our first live shows. The gloves are off! Expect fireworks!”

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Your Country’s Right Here: Lyle Lovett to Receive ASCAP Award as he Continues Tour behind “Release Me”

Lyle Lovett doesn’t know what is next for him, but he finds that exciting.

After spending the bulk of his career with Curb/Universal Music Group, he’s now parted ways with the label. No hard feelings, said Lovett, just time to move on.

“My deal has been with the two companies for my career,” said Lovett. “It does feel like the end of an era in my life. A lot of things have changed in the record business since 1986, and I’m eager to be in the new world. I don’t know how it will work yet, but I know I will be able to make records. I’m just glad to have some options.” Continue reading ‘Your Country’s Right Here: Lyle Lovett to Receive ASCAP Award as he Continues Tour behind “Release Me”’


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