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Vic and Gab: OurStage Pro Artist Of The Week

And the very first OurStage Pro Artist of the Week is…the excellent Vic and Gab. This sister duo, who play mesmerizing, grooving, and powerfully catchy indie pop, joined OurStage in 2010 and have since made an impressive amount of headway in their career. That year, they won the opportunity to have a song featured on MTV’s (controversial but short-lived series) Skins. Just this past July, they played the stage at the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. Then, two months later, they were playing for 18,000 people in their hometown of Milwaukee, at a rally for President Obama’s re-election. Not a bad trajectory and there’s surely more to come. We’re proud to feature them as our Artist of the Week.

Here’s “So Long So Tired” as heard on MTV:


Here’s a cool video from behind the scenes at Warped, featuring the song “Walls”:

Here’s Vic and Gab at the Obama rally:


More like this:


    Featured Artist: Civil Sound

    This isn’t the first time Civil Sound has appeared on OurStage’s radar, and we’re guessing it won’t be the last. After winning the Texas date of our Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour competition, and previously sharing the stage with acts such as South FM and American Idol contestant and OurStage’s own Tim Halperin, these guys have a long line of references all leading to one conclusion. Civil Sound is a solid, driven four piece, and being from the state that boasts everything as bigger and better, these guys definitely fit the bill. We have no doubt they’ll be bursting into the limelight in no time.

    Check out their song, “Like You Mean It” below.


    Artist Feature: As It Starts

    Although I may be biased with my unexplainable affection for Seattle, whenever I discover a new band from that area, my expectations are high. After all, it’s the home of Nirvana and Starbucks. When you’re in Nirvana town, the community has to be a little critical, right?

    For indie pop outfit, As It Starts, it’s hard to believe this has ever been a concern. Citing influences from Adele to Death Cab for Cutie, these guys cover everything from acoustic serenades to folk rock riffs. Take a listen to “Symphonies” below and let us know what you think!


    Featured Artist: Ivory Drive

    Ivory Drive may be a top hat wearing quintet from Boulder, CO and they may mix jazz with folk, and classical with blues, while boasting a unique mixture of keyboards, drums, bass, saxophone, trumpet and vocals, but they’re begging you-don’t call them alternative.

    But they do make a good point, and as they say themselves, labeling them alternative leaves a lot unsaid. Get to know Ivory Drive here, and listen to their current chart-topper in the indie pop channel, “Intertwined” right here.


    Let us know your thoughts on this week’s featured artist in the comments!

    Artist Feature: The Glass Child

    From Sweden to London, England, with nothing but her guitar, a few clothes and a heart of gold, Charlotte Eriksson AKA The Glass Child has poured countless hours of blood, sweat and tears into her craft. Spending sleepless nights on the floors of generous strangers, scraping by for change to make it to the next city, and singing her heart out to audiences every night, Eriksson knows the life of a struggling artist.

    With several Top 40 achievements on OurStage and an incredibly strong, captivating voice, The Glass Child is an obvious example of passion, hard work and dedication come to life. Listen to “Best Part Of Me” below.



    All the way from London, England, yet coming from all over the world, Immigrants is our latest OurStage artist feature. Packing rock and roll vibes with English influence, Immigrants are the creation of four band mates, each from separate cultures, incorporating elements of Milan, Tabor and Berlin into their sound.

    Although the four originally began as a blues group and influence is clear, listening to “Requiem For A Requiem”, there’s no doubt that Immigrants is full on, in your face rock. Check it out right here.


    The Sky Is Crying

    Steady Skies

    Steady Skies rides the line between the arena and the front porch. They’re musicians who dole out poppy hooks and plucky banjos in equal measure; a rock band that flirts with country. Start your introduction with “Remember When,” a driving melody pushed along by the deep ripple of bass, bright spears of guitars, and the slight country cadence of singer Tyler McCuen. That song’s mid-tempo musings give way to more apocalyptic imagery on the doleful “Church Bells.” “I hear church bells ringing in the city streets / Crowds of people falling on their knees,” McCuen sings over wailing guitars. If thinking about the end of the world is too much of a buzzkill, skip to “Waiting For.” There, existential anxieties—bursting dams and falling skies—are wrapped up in an ambling, country-spun melody. When in doubt, a spoonful of banjo can help the melancholy go down.

    Eclectic Approach Behind The Scenes at Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Video)

    Remember how OurStage took one talented band’s dream of dominating the national stage, rocking out in front of a huge live audience, and making their way into the hearts and homes of millions, and turned it into a reality?

    So do we.

    On October 1, 2012, OurStage gave the opportunity of a lifetime to electro-funk rockers Eclectic Approach, as we sent them off to Hollywood to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for a broadcast audience of almost 2 million viewers.

    Eclectic Approach has been on an upward trajectory at breakneck speeds since winning Season 2 of The OurStage Panel earlier this year. Check out the band’s inspirational journey and performance on Kimmel‘s hit late-night talk show, RIGHT HERE.

    Softly, Sweetly

    Xoe Wise

    There are innumerable artists out there, filled with talent, who are frittering away in obscurity because they don’t have exposure. This is not Xoe Wise’s story. The singer-songwriter was plucked from the teeming masses of Chicago artists by none other than Microsoft to perform at the company’s Illinois store opening. Things went so well there that the technology giant then funded Wise’s 25-date U.S. tour. It may not be a breakthrough, but it’s definitely a push in the right direction for someone who deserves the attention. Wise’s music provides the soundtrack for sleepyheaded romance and quiet reverie. The pitter-patter of percussion, yawing violins, soft piano, and Wise’s gauzy vocals combine for dulcet melodies like “Silent Rain” and “All You Gave.” She even weaves a little Auto-Tune in on “My Heart” as her voices tiptoes up the scales. Wise’s songs are sweet panaceas for life’s pricklier moments. Let’s face it, we can all use more of those.

    Shake, Rattle, and Roll Tape

    Amazing things can happen in the bedroom. OK, get your mind out of the gutter; we’re talking about music. Specifically Shaky Voices, a one-man band out of Nashville, led by multi-instrumentalist Patrick Baker. Baker recorded most of his last album in his bedroom, using a Dell computer for a kick drum and a mic case for a snare. Whether or not you think pounding a computer repeatedly is a wise move, you can’t argue with the results. “Surely Thou Doth Jest” is a jaunty jig that shuffles along, cool and confident. Fingers plunk down on piano keys and shake tambourines as feet kick the Dell in time. It’s smart, eccentric post-punk/pop for resourceful slackers. Or, as Baker describes, “A lo-fi, late night jam session between Pavement and Pinkerton-era Weezer on a cheap, out-of-tune acoustic guitar that’s missing the ‘A’ string.” We couldn’t agree more.


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