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Discourse & Dischord

The Good

Robert Jeffrey vogues his way into Internet stardom

Robert Jeffrey was only nine when he stepped into a booth in a casino to lip-synch his heart out to Madonna’s “Vogue” in front of a blue screen. Little did he know that twenty years later he’d become an Internet meme, dancing across superimposed shots of the New York City skyline and into our hearts. Ladies, and gentlemen, without further ado …

Katy Perry debuts “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”

Kathy Beth Terry made her screen debut in the video for Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F),” getting her lip waxed by Rebecca Black and rocking out to Kenny G. The campy video also features cameos by Corey Feldman and Debbie Gibson, who play Terry’s ‘rents, naturally. Check out the hoopla below.

The Bad

Clarence Clemons suffers a stroke

Clarence Clemons, sax player for Bruce Springsteen, suffered a stroke this week. The boss posted an update on Clemons condition, saying, “While all initial signs are encouraging, Clarence will need much care and support to achieve his potential once again.” You can send the sax man your get well wishes at notestoclarence@clarenceclemons.com.


Jack White and Karen Elson throw divorce party

Few people would think to announce their divorce on an invite to their sixth wedding anniversary. But Jack White and his wife, model Karen Elson, like to do things a little differently. Promising a night of dancing, drinks, memories and drinks “with alcohol in them,” the couple invited their friends to “celebrate together this anniversary of the making and breaking of the sacred union of marriage.” Will White now take to calling Elson his sister, like he did his first wife, White Stripes drummer Meg White? We’ll just have to see. You can read about the whole shebang here.

The Ugly

Joss Stone targeted in murder plot

Two men were arrested outside English soul singer Joss Stone’s home this week when a neighbor reported suspicious activity. Inside their van police found a body bag, a rope and a sword. You know, just harmless items one takes when stalking celebrities. Stone is “absolutely fine” after the incident.

Will.i.am reads lyrics to his song off his phone during performance

In a performance on French TV show Taratata with Belgian rapper Stromae, Will.i.am forgot the lyrics to the Black Eyed Peas song “Don’t Stop The Party.” Like any professional entertainer paid millions of dollars, he read the lyrics off his BlackBerry. Riveting performance. You can watch it here.


No Doubt’s Adrian Young has daughter
Two deaths reported at Bonnaroo
David Cook, PS22 kids cover “Rolling In The Deep”
Madonna recording new album in July
Cowboy Junkies have to change name for Beijing concert
Carl Gardner, front man of The Coasters, dies
Billy Corgan’s brother assaulted on train in Chicago
Liam Gallagher’s body guard arrested over death threats
Alan Rubin, Blues Brothers trumpet player, dies
Debbie Gibson doles out advice in “What Would Debbie Do” videos
Lily Allen is married and pregnant
Justin Timberlake is a gent in Playboy interview
Scissor Sisters writing music for Fraggle Rock movie
Best Sweet 16 ever?

Discourse & Dischord

The Good

Introducing Kathy Beth Terry

Kathy Beth Terry, Katy Perry’s head-geared alter ego, is set to make her debut in the video for “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” But before then, she’s warming up her fanbase with a Facebook page and Twitter account. Get a sneak peek at this stunning new starlet in the trailer below, which features such classic high school antics as vomiting into a roller skate and exposing a boob.

Kanye West becomes a monster

We all know of Kanye West’s predilection for ballsy, self-aggrandizing statements. Now we get to see his enthusiasm for dead models. West’s sleek new video for “Monster” is part “Thriller,” part American Psycho, and all sorts of macabre. Check it out.

The Bad

Die Antwoord’s Leon Botha dead at 26

Lee Botha, a South African artist, DJ and sometime collaborator with Die Antwoord, passed away this week from complications arising from progeria. If you’ve ever watched “Enter the Ninja,” you’ll probably remember Botha as the diminutive, yet fiery, MC. If not, check out the video here. R.I.P.

Beyoncé’s album leaked

Beyoncé’s 4 wasn’t set to come out until June 28, but some sneaky leaker got a hold of it and distributed it to the masses. Ever a survivor, Beyoncé kept her cool and enthused about her overly eager fans. If you want to play by the rules and only listen to her official releases, here’s her latest single, “Love On Top.” If not, you can get the whole dirty download off the interwebs while Beyoncé politely looks the other way.

The Ugly

Alice Cooper nearly killed Elvis Presley

In a recent interview with The Mirror, Alice Cooper revealed he almost shot Elvis Presley dead at his own behest. Cooper was invited to the King’s Las Vegas penthouse suite along with Linda Lovelace and Liza Minnelli (naturally). When he got there, Presley handed him a snub .32 and told him to shoot him. Before Cooper could even choose where to aim (at Minnelli, duh), Presley delivered a flying kick that sent the gun flying and then pinned Cooper to the ground by the neck. And kids, this is why drugs are bad.

Lady Gaga fans start war with Black Keys drummer

For all her messages of love and acceptance, Lady Gaga’s got some pretty intolerant little monsters on her hands. Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney found this out first hand when he jokingly referred to Gaga as Madonna. The backlash was swift and fierce. Carney re-tweeted some of the more choice selections, which you can read here. Don’t worry about the jerks, Carney. They were born this way.


Lauryn Hill pregnant with 6th child
Shania and Taylor do Thelma & Louise
Cee Lo Green and B-52’s collab on Teddybears track “Cho Cha”
Meet the Susan Boyle of Korea
David Arquette kicked out of Prince concert for back talking
Lady Gaga’s Born This Way banned in Lebanon
Gwen Stefani ends solo career, focuses on No Doubt
Pink has baby girl
Ja Rule begins prison term
Zuma Rossdale breaks arm
Watch Steve Martin’s “Jubliation Day” video
Adam Lambert and James Durbin make up via Twitter


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