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Discourse & Dischord

The Good

Wayne Coyne marries couple onstage at Osheaga

With a Muzak version of “Do You Realize” playing in the background, Wayne Coyne married two fans (dressed for the occasion as Dorothy and a lion) just before their last song at Montreal’s Osheaga Festival. “By the power of the Flaming Lips, the universe and LSD, I now pronounce you man and wife,” Coyne proclaimed during the brief ceremony, before kicking into a rousing rendition of the song. Knowing Coyne’s expertise with fetuses, we wonder if the couple will keep him in mind when they decide to expand their family.

Bruce Springsteen dances in the dark

This one’s just for the lolz. Somehow this outtake reel for Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” video found the light of day this week. Just a man, his muscles and his suspenders. Dancing. In the dark. Enjoy.

The Bad

Kings of Leon cancel tour amid speculation

You know it’s a bad show when the lead singer of the band tells you he’s going to go vomit and drink a beer, then never returns. Such was the case when Kings of Leon played Dallas this week, abruptly cutting their concert short when Caleb Followill walked offstage. The fiasco was followed up with an announcement from management that the rest of the band’s tour dates would be canceled due to Followill’s exhaustion and vocal stress. The plot thickened when Jared Followill tweeted that the issues were actually much deeper than “not drinking enough Gatorade.” Rumors are now swirling that Followill’s family is urging him to go to rehab. With Amy Winehouse’s death fresh in everyone’s mind, let’s hope he doesn’t say no, no, no.

Meatloaf collapses onstage

Kings of Leon aren’t the only ones with problems. During a concert in Pittsburgh, Meatloaf lost consciousness and took a tumble. It still wasn’t enough stop him from performing his hit “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That).” Apparently “that” means canceling your show after fainting. Meatloaf says the incident was due to an asthma flare up. Not to be a jerk and exploit the poor man when he’s most vulnerable, but here’s a video of the whole thing.

The Ugly

Introducing Maddie Spears

There’s something very unsettling about hearing a three year-old sing lyrics about the room getting sexy, but when it comes from a member of the Spears family, you take it with a grain of salt. Maddie Spears delivered a cover of Aunt Brit-Brit’s “Up ‘N Down” on YouTube. After Britney’s onstage lap dance for her boyfriend, Jason Trawick, we’re nervous about little Maddie’s follow-up performance.


Discourse & Dischord

The Good

Björk releases Michel Gondry-directed video for “Crystalline”

Biophilia, Björk’s eighth LP and first “app album,” isn’t descending upon planet Earth until September, but the artist is keeping fans happy by releasing a series of iPad apps for each track. If it’s all too futuristic for you, don’t despair. The Icelandic singer/composer also released a good old-fashioned music video for her cosmic single “Crystalline,” directed by Michel Gondry. Check out the intergalactic splendor below.

Jay-Z and Kanye West announce new name, release first track

Don’t call them Jay-Z and Kanye West. Don’t you dare. They go by The Throne now, and The Throne just released the first track off their upcoming collaboration, “Watch The Throne.” It’s called “Otis,” and it’s pretty much just Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness” with The Throne taking turns spitting lyrics over top. Decide whether it’s cool or convoluted by listening to it on Jay-Z’s Life + Times blog.

The Bad

Amy Winehouse laid to rest

What a week. Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment last Saturday. The soul singer was 27—an unlucky age for musicians. After her autopsy proved to be inconclusive, Winehouse was laid to rest in London on Tuesday. Her funeral was attended by celebrities like Kelly Osbourne and Mark Ronson, who produced Winehouse’s GRAMMY-winning breakthrough album, Back to Black. In the days since her passing, musicians ranging from Rihanna to Katy Perry and George Michael have expressed their shock and grief. M.I.A. paid tribute to Winehouse with the release of “27,” which you can listen to here. We’re posting the video of Winehouse’s last public appearance, just days before her death, which shows her happily dancing along to her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield’s performance of “Mama Said.” She was a tornado in a beehive, a rare talent whose demons cast a long shadow over her life, but never over her legacy. R.I.P., Amy.

Anthony Kiedis in tears over Justin Bieber

Anthony Kiedis has dealt with addiction, a father who was a drug dealer, and the loss of his best friend to heroin, but none of that has hardened him to the point where the image of a teenage girl crying over Justin Bieber doesn’t reduce him to tears. In an interview with Q Magazine he admits to getting misty over parts of the Bieber documentary “Never Say Never.” It seems the power of Bieber compels even a Red Hot Chili Pepper. All hail.

The Ugly

Justin Bieber and his dad get matching tattoos

What’s more disturbing—Justin Bieber opting for a matching tattoo with his dad, Justin Bieber’s dad opting for a matching tattoo with his son, or the fact that the elder Bieber doesn’t wear sunblock but does wear a soul patch and a gold chain. Trick question—it’s all disturbing.

Mariah Carey unleashes the diva on HSN

Mariah Carey’s first public appearance after having twins and giving them silly names was this little visit to HSN studios to hock her clothing and accessories lines. Mimi’s megalomania and micromanagement sends the show off the rails. If she sold one pair of earrings after using her allotted time to ramble on about swollen pregnancy feet and her stretched out body, we will be shocked, dahling.


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