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Discourse & Dischord

The Good

We think Bieber Boulevard is a better name

When 11 year-old Caroline Gonzalez won a contest that let her be mayor for a day in Forney, Texas, she abused put her power to good use by renaming a street in her town Justin Bieber Way. Cute, or flagrant misuse of taxpayer money? We’ll let you decide.

Katy Perry ties Michael Jackson for most hits

Unbelievable, but true. Katy Perry has tied the King of Pop for most consecutive Number 1 singles from one album (five, to be exact). Jackson enjoyed his record run from 1987-88 with his record Bad, while Perry dominated the charts this summer with Teenage Dream. Her latest single, “Last Friday Night” nabbed the Number 1 spot on Wednesday. It feels weird even comparing indelible tracks like “Man In The Mirror” to a song with the lyrics “Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top,” but there you have it. We live in a crazy world.

The Bad

Warrant’s Jani Lane dead at 47

Anyone who lived through the hair metal era knows Warrant, and more specifically their hit “Cherry Pie.” Led by coltish frontman Jani Lane, Warrant enjoyed platinum success in the early ‘90s before grunge showed up and cut the party short. Lane was found dead in a California motel room this week from undetermined causes. He was 47. R.I.P.

Gene Simmons’ mouth is the kiss of death

When you’re booking bands for a tribute concert for Michael Jackson, it’s probably a good idea to just run them through Google real quick. Had Jackson’s family members done so, they would have seen that KISS front man Gene Simmons was quoted as saying he believed Jackson was a child molester. Awkward. KISS, who had already been announced as a performer, were quickly uninvited from the concert, scheduled to take place in Wales on October 8th. You can read more about it here.

The Ugly

Isaac Hanson uses a bad word

Isaac Hanson’s got little tolerance for bands that don’t appreciate their success, calling them “pr—s” (we’re too ashamed to even type it) in an interview with “If you’re actually making a living doing it, man, pinch yourself every day, because it goes if you don’t love it… and people will eventually get p–sed off.” Language, Isaac! The elder Hanson goes on to point the finger at Kings of Leon and Oasis for their dour, recalcitrant demeanor. Caleb Followill and Liam Gallagher, you just got MMM-Bopped.

Battle of the Weird: Lady Gaga vs. Chromeo

There were a couple weird videos released this week, and it’s hard to know whether to draw your attention to Lady Gaga’s “You And I,” or Chromeo’s “When The Night Falls.” The former features a mermaid in a bathtub, an albino bride, a prisoner in a macabre torture chamber and a female Gaga playing the piano in a cornfield while a brooding male Gaga looks on. Or, feast your eyes on Chromeo impregnating his female admirers simply through the power of music, then blasting their bulging bellies with his guitar. Oh, Beyoncé’s little sis Solange Knowles makes an appearance in this madness.


Discourse & Dischord

The Good

Pop stars join “I’m Gonna Be Your Friend” campaign

Famine in East Africa has resulted in millions of starving children, and performers like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears are using their star power to help put a stop to it. As part of Save the Children’s “I’m Gonna Be Your Friend” campaign, these guys will be tweeting info on how you can donate. Or you can cut out the middle man and go here to download an exclusive video to Bob Marley’s “High Tide or Low Tide.” All proceeds will benefit relief efforts in East Africa. Go tell famine to eff off.

“Watch The Throne” expected to sell 500,000 in first week

The richest rapper in the world and his H.A.M. buddy Yeezy delivered their long-anticipated LP, Watch the Throne this week. The record is expected to sell 500,000 its first week, according to Billboard, meaning Jay-Z will likely keep his hip hop heavyweight title for another year. We think they should buy a couple Bob Marley downloads with all that money, don’t you?

The Bad

Kelly Rowland perfects double nip slip

Not to be outdone by Nicki Minaj’s single nip slip on Good Morning America, Kelly Rowland revealed both of hers during a performance in New Jersey. After busting out of her bustier, the singer sent a sheepish tweet to fans, saying, “Hope you enjoyed the show and didn’t mind the peekaboo LOL!!!” We’re sure no one did.

And then this happened

Daniel Edwards, the artist known for his nude sculptures of Britney Spears giving birth and Angelina Jolie breastfeeding, has turned his iconoclastic eye on a new target: lovebirds Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Nice sculpture. It’s missing a tattoo, though.

The Ugly

M.I.A. offers Mars bars and tea to London rioters

Mistress of inflammatory statements, M.I.A. put her foot in it again this week by cheekily tweeting that she was going to hand out Mars bars and tea to rioters in London. It’s clear the singer wants desperately to be anti-establishment, but seriously—rewarding people for their violence? For shame Maya Arulpragasam. For shame.

Gavin DeGraw gets a beat down

Gavin DeGraw was hospitalized this week after being attacked in the wee hours of Monday morning in New York’s East Village. DeGraw suffered a broken nose and facial cuts at the hands of several unknown assailants. “Honestly I don’t remember much, “ he tweeted to concerned fans afterwards. Police have made no arrests, but whoever did it is probably getting a Milky Way from M.I.A.



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