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Rob Zombie and Korn Announce ‘Night of the Living Dreads’ Tour

Halloween is fast approaching, and this afternoon the first macabre themed rock tour of the season was announced.

Rocker and horror film director Rob Zombie has revealed plans to join forces with Korn this fall on the ‘Night Of The Living Dreads’ tour. The outing, which lifts its name from a classic zombie film by George Romero, kicks off in Reno, Nevada and runs throughout the month of November. No support has been announced, but you can view the full tour routing at the end of this post.

Though Rob Zombie has been known more for his work in film in recent years, not a single fall has passed without him hitting the road for at least a handful of performances. Korn, on the other hand, are road dogs and will actually be joining Zombie for ‘Night Of The Living Dreads’ just days after wrapping up their own US headlining tour. Comment below and let us know which date, if any, you plan to attend. Continue reading ‘Rob Zombie and Korn Announce ‘Night of the Living Dreads’ Tour’

Sky Ferreira Releases “You’re Not The One” Video

Pop starlet Sky Ferreira is back in the OurStage headlines today with the release of her new music video for “You’re Not The One.”

Everyone loves a good party, and in the official video for “You’re Not The One,” Sky Ferreira throws an awesome smoke-filled, laser light club event for her lonesome self. Her heart is broken because she’s realized the man she’d given all her time and affection to was not the soulmate she hoped he would be, and as we all know the best way to get over such emotional turmoil is a solo dance party. You can view the video below.

While beautiful singers dancing in empty rooms may not be your visual cup of tea, it’s hard to deny the catchiness of “You’re Not The One.” The hook is irresistible, and the ’80s influence in the production gives the accompaniment a sense of timelessness rarely heard from Top 40 talent. Comment below and let us know if you agree.

Some pop stars suffer album delays due to bad material, but in the case of Sky Ferreira the delays are actually due to her bad behavior. The singer’s debut album has been shelved more than twice in 2013, most recently because she and her boyfriend were busted in NYC on drug charges, and fans are growing impatient. The album is currently set for release October 29, but at this point we’re not sure if it will hit shelves before the end of 2013. Continue reading ‘Sky Ferreira Releases “You’re Not The One” Video’

I See Stars Stream “Murder Mitten”

What better way to start Tuesday than with a little hard rock, right?

Michigan electronic hardcore outfit I See Stars have released a stream of their new promotional single, “Murder Mitten.” The song, which takes its name from a nickname for Michigan, finds the bands offering their heaviest material to date while still finding new ways to inject EDM into their sound. Everything from the lyrics to instrumentation is decidedly darker, but there is an inherent sense of fun that keeps you bobbing along throughout. You can stream the single below.

“Murder Mitten” is the latest song to surface off New Demons, the long-awaited third full length from I See Stars. The album was originally scheduled to hit shelves the first week of August, but promotional delays lead to the album being pushed back to October 22.

If you like what you hear, stay tuned. Word is that I See Stars plan to release additional songs in the weeks leading up to the release of New Demons and we’ll be posting each update as it becomes available. Follow Ourstage on Twitter or Facebook to ensure you never miss another headline.

Halestorm Cover Daft Punk, Announce New EP

Daft Punk spent the summer atop the pop charts, and in doing so inspired a flood of covers and reinterpretations that we’re still sifting through. Very few of these offerings are all that different from the original, but this afternoon hard rock outfit Halestorm tossed their hat into the ring with a new version of “Get Lucky” that will have you headbanging until the sun goes down.

Before fans begin scratching their heads wondering what may have inspired Halestorm to undertake such an offering, we should mention the group recently announced plans for a new release, ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs eP, out October 15. The exact tracklist has not been confirmed, but we know these songs will make an appearance:

Dissident Aggressor (Judas Priest)
Get Lucky (Daft Punk)
Shoot To Thrill (AC/DC) Continue reading ‘Halestorm Cover Daft Punk, Announce New EP’

Lorde Streams ‘Pure Heroine’

Having already made her mark at radio with the infectious single “Royals,” New Zealand export Lorde is hoping to further make known her presence in the pop  by streaming her entire debut album a full week ahead of its release.

Posted exclusively on VH-1, Pure Heroine is the singer’s distillation of a teen girl’s life, recorded and packaged for mass consumption. Lorde may be young in age, but her atmospheric vocals suggest a sense of timelessness. Her music has an intangible element that makes it very intimate, and there is not one song on Pure Heroine that disappoints. You can stream the full, 10-track release on VH-1′s official site.

Pure Heroine arrives in US stores on September 30. If you’re not quite sold on the full release just yet, click below to view the officially video for “Royals.”  Continue reading ‘Lorde Streams ‘Pure Heroine’’

Justin Timberlake Covers The Jacksons

Another week, another killer cover courtesy of our pals at BBC Radio 1.

Justin Timberlake has become the latest pop star to record a live cover while visiting the BBC studios. While the majority of these performances take place in a small recording studio, Timberlake actually put on a live showcase for a select number of fans and Radio 1 crew members, and it was later uploaded to YouTube. During his appearance, Timberlake debuted his interpretation of The Jacksons smash, “Shake Your Body Down (To The Ground),” and fans went wild. You can now view the performance at the end of this post.

There seems to be no end in sight for Justin Timberlake’s current promotional run. He’s been on nearly every talk show stateside and, as evidenced by this video, is quickly making his way across Europe. His new album, The 20/20 Experience – Part 2, hits stores September 30. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this performance. Continue reading ‘Justin Timberlake Covers The Jacksons’

Ray Charles Honored on U.S. Postage Stamp

The contributions that Ray Charles made to the history of music cannot be overstated. He forever changed the face of pop music and helped influence what the genre could become long after his death. Now, thanks to the United States Postal Service, his memory lives on in a new way.

Starting today (Monday, September 23), The USPS will begin selling a Ray Charles commemorative stamp as part of the Music Icons series that had previously honored Johnny Cash. The launch coincides with Charles’ birthday, and in honor of the occasion there are two separate stamp events taking place across the nation: one at Morehouse College’s Ray Charles Performing Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia – the state where Charles was born – and the other at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

Here’s what the stamp looks like: Continue reading ‘Ray Charles Honored on U.S. Postage Stamp’

Tim McGraw Returns To The Studio, Reveals Faith Hill Has Too

Country legend Tim McGraw is a music-making machine. He’s released a dozen albums in his career and, according to a recent interview with Billboard, he’s got another on the way.

Speaking while in Las Vegas for the iHeart Radio Music Festival this past weekend, McGraw recently revealed to that he is already a few weeks into production on new material.

“I’ve actually been in the studio over the last couple weeks,” McGraw said backstage at the MGM Grand Arena. “I don’t know when we’ll have it out, but I’ve just been putting a lot of work that in that process where I’m sort of in the dungeon singing when I get the chance.” Continue reading ‘Tim McGraw Returns To The Studio, Reveals Faith Hill Has Too’

30 Seconds To Mars Cover Rihanna

Rock favorites 30 Seconds To Mars have built a reputation on recording larger-than-life rock anthems meant to be sung by throngs of people in arena or big, outdoor festival settings. During an appearance on BBC Radio 1, however, the trio took a turn for the subtler.

Joining the ranks of the rock bands who came before them, 30 Seconds To Mars let their love of Top 40 show by debuting a stirring cover of Rihanna‘s hit ballad, “Stay.” Frontman Jared Leto belted the sultry lines of loneliness and fleeting passion while accompanied by only piano and light drum work, and we’d be lying if we said it didn’t make us shed a tear or two. You can view a video of the performance below. Continue reading ’30 Seconds To Mars Cover Rihanna’

Chief Keef Debuts “Love No Thotties”

Chicago emcee Chief Keef knows a good marketing formula when he sees it, and this morning continues his trend of releasing new material through music videos with, “Love No Thotties.”

Featuring Keef and the numerous cars he appears to own, the promotional video for “Love No Thotties” is a relatively simple affair. Keef’s fans have grown attached to the rapper through performance clips set in the midst of what seems to be his daily routing of hanging out and get high, so it stands to reason he’d deliver similar content this time around. The only difference between what’s shown here and what people saw in earlier videos like “Love Sosa” is the lifestyle Keef is sharing with viewers. It used to be about the streets he came from, but nowadays its about the materials he’s acquired as a result of his success. You can view the video below.

2013 has been a wild year for Chief Keef to say the least. He started January by entering a three-month prison sentence that put him back on the streets in time for SXSW. From there, Keef hit the road with a string of nationwide shows in between recording sessions and additional court appearances. The time in the studio has so far resulted in two mixtapes worth of material, as well as the song he premiered today. There are rumors a third mixtape will hit the net before 2014, but we cannot confirm that information at this time. Continue reading ‘Chief Keef Debuts “Love No Thotties”’


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