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EDC NYC Lineup Announced!

Insomniac Events has finally announced the long-awaited Electric Daisy Carnival New York City lineup. If you can take the day off, the newly added Friday, May 18th date (4pm- 11pm) will kick off the event, with top dogs Fatboy Slim, Armin van Buuren, and the YouTube/Beatport sensation Madeon. The remaining two days, Saturday and Sunday, will start at 12 pm and go until 11 pm. On Saturday, expect to see Avicii, Sebastian Ingrosso, legendary house music pioneer Carl Cox, and Steve Angello. Sunday will consist of a fantastic closing lineup, including acts such as Bassnectar, Afrojack, Nero, and Richie Hawtin. Click here to check out the full EDC NYC lineup.

Coachella Breaks Records for Attendance…And Arrests

According to Rolling Stone, the first week of Coachella 2012 didn’t just break an attendance record – it broke an arrest record, too. The Indio, California police department has estimated that 80,000 to 85,000 people attended each day of the three-day festival. This is up 10,000 people last year, the previous all-time high. The police department claims that there has already been 130 arrests at the festival, as well. This is a big increase compared to last year’s 40 arrests. Due to the tremendous increase in attendance, most of the arrests are alcohol-related. Despite the seemingly large number, Benjamin Guitron of the Indio Police Department told NBC that this number was small “compared to other events-sometimes there are 200 arrests at football games.”

The second weekend of the Coachella Festival will begin tomorrow. According to Rolling Stone, the line up is essentially identical to last week’s. From what we can tell, some big names include Swedish House Mafia, Radiohead, Bon Iver, and of course Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and the now-famous Hologram Tupac for Sunday.

Click here to check out Coachella 2012′s full lineup.

M83′s Anthony Gonzalez Offers To Write Katy Perry’s Next Album

Spin is reporting that M83‘s Anthony Gonzalez may write Katy Perry‘s next album. Apparently, the pop star was spotted attending an M83 concert and rocking out in the front row. That night, Gonzalez wrote on his Facebook:  ”I think I saw Katy Perry dancing on midnight city [sic] yesterday night. Katy, let me write your next album:)” This may be a blessing for Perry as she attempts to save face following the recent release of her video for “Part of Me,” which has been slammed as an attempt to glamorize warfare. M83 has also been recently battling political accusations due to the use of their song “Midnight City” by the right-wing French political party Le Font National.

Electropolis: Globally Influenced

Do you consider yourself a nomadic venturer striving to experience unique cultures, art and tastes? If you are, then be sure to check out the epic jams below, which incorporates sounds and influences from around the world. The producers featured are heavily influenced by other cultures and traditional music passed down throughout history. When you’re tired of the same old Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, this mix should refresh you. Be sure to think of these artists on your next voyage.


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Spotify Launches New ‘Play’ Button

According to NME, Spotify today launched a new ‘Play’ button that allows users to embed on other websites any track from the streaming service’s library. Users now have the opportunity to post a track of their choice online and stream it from Spotify. In addition to embedding tracks, users will also be able to offer up albums and playlists of their choice.

In partnership with a number of media outlets, Spotify aimed at getting the word out in a collaborative effort with online sources such as NME editor Luke Lewis said: “We’ve been creating Spotify playlists to enhance our blog posts for some time now, but we’ve never been able to embed them within the page itself. So this is a really cool new feature. It means that, from now on, when users read our album/track reviews, list features, or new band recommendations, they’ll be able to stream the tracks instantly via Spotify, within NME.COM – without firing up the application, or opening a new window.”

In regards to the app’s launch, Gustav Söderström, Chief Product Officer at Spotify said: “We’re hugely excited to be launching the Spotify Play Button today, in partnership with the brightest and best sites on the web, such as NME. From today, the Spotify Play Button gives sites the ability to share access to any song, album or playlist through Spotify, creating a personalised soundtrack to their website or blog. Spotify is lighting up the internet with music.”

NME reports that Spotify was recently valued at over $3.5 billion. In addition, NME stated Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster and one of Spotify’s key investors, claimed the service will overtake iTunes in two years.

Electric Daisy Carnival…Plus One

If you live on the east coast, Insomniac Events just made your summer by adding an extra day to the NYC Electric Daisy Carnival and expanding the capacity for the original two dates. EDC NYC will now start on Friday May 18th and end on Sunday May 21st. If you already have tickets for May 19th and 20th, you can buy your tickets for the 18th tomorrow (Wednesday, April 11th.) According to the website, you will be sent an email containing a special invitation to get your tickets early. For the non-ticketed among us, tickets for all three days will hit the market again on Thursday, April 12th @ 12 noon EST. Now remember, on March 2, tickets for the initial May 19th and 20th dates sold out within a FEW HOURS. It will probably happen again this Thursday, so make sure you are in front of your computer and on Ticketmaster exactly when they hit the market @ 12 p.m.


In addition to this big news, Insomniac also released the official starting times for each day, as follows:

  • Friday, May 18th 4:30 p.m. – 11p.m.
  • Saturday, May 19th 12 p.m. – 11 p.m.
  • Sunday, May 20th 12 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Damon Albarn Announces The End of Blur and The Gorillaz

According to RollingStone, Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz has provided clear indication that both bands are reaching their end. In an interview with The Guardian, Albarn was asked if Blur had planned any performance dates after their upcoming and anticipated Olympic closing concert. Albarn responded with, ”No, not really. I hope that’s the truth and that that’s how we end it.” The singer also said that ”Under the Westway,” a new stand-alone single recorded by the band, is likely to be the last studio recording by the band. “I don’t really see any more recordings after this,” says Albarn. “So it’s nice to have finally done one song where we did it properly.”

Albarn indicated that the different priorities of his bandmates played a part in bringing Blur to an end, stating, “One thing I’ve learned, and I’m sure you’re exactly the same, is that everything I think I’ve got totally sorted out, and I know exactly what’s going to happen, it never works out that way,” he says. “I find it very easy to record with [guitarist] Graham [Coxon]. He’s a daily musician. With the other two, it’s harder for them to reconnect. You know what I mean? It’s fine when we play live – it’s really magical still – but actually recording new stuff, and swapping musical influences, it’s quite difficult.” Rolling Stone reports that the group had been slowly writing and recording new material over the past few years, but only the one-off singles “Fool’s Day” and “Under the Westway” were completed and released in that time, according to Albarn.

Albarn didn’t let up on the bad news, as he began to doubt on the future of Gorillaz as well, claiming a future for the band is “unlikely” due to a disagreement with his collaborator on the project, artist Jamie Hewlett: “Jamie [thinks Gorillaz is finished], which is fair enough. I think we were at cross purposes somewhat on that last record, which is a shame. So until a time comes when that knot has been untied…”

Continuing, he claimed that the tension between Hewlett and himself initially began when the artist didn’t provide much new art for the tour in support of their 2009 album Plastic Beach. “The music and the videos weren’t working as well together, but I felt we’d made a really good record, and I was into it. So we went and played it.”

CEO of Insomiac Events and Founder of EDC Could Face 13 Years in Prison

As reported by RollingStone and Spin, Insomiac CEO and Electric Daisy Carnival founder Pasquale Rotella may face 13 years in prison for an indictment that includes 29 counts of bribery, embezzlement, conspiracy and conflicts of interest. The mastermind behind one of North America’s largest EDM festivals is just one of six individuals charged in the enormous corruption case involving Los Angeles’ Olympic Coliseum. In previous years, the coliseum was the primary host of the Electronic Daisy Carnival before the city banned the festival from future use of the venue. This ban followed the death of a 15 year old girl who died from a MDMA overdose at the event in 2010. Since then, the L.A. political structure has spoken out against all EDM concerts and raves. L.A. District Attorney Steve Cooley has accused the event planners of rerouting  more than $2.5 million from Coliseum to the personal bank accounts of Coliseum Events Manager Todd DeStefano and General Manager Patrick Lynch through illegal deals.

According to RollingStone, a court document submitted by Cooley states: “In 2008 DeStefano, [Go Ventures promoter Reza] Gerami, and Pasquale Rotella agreed that the two promoters would pay DeStefano personally and in exchange he would use his official position to provide them access to the Coliseum and low rates. Lynch learned of the payments in 2009 and . . . [assisted] him in continuing his crime.”

Currently on bail, Rotella’s lawyer denies any wrong doing on the part of his client.

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Electropolis: Music as a Service, Not a Good

What motivates the most talented musicians in or outside of EDM? You know, the relentless excitement to wake up every morning to create a work of art. On average, the motivations behind this creativity derives from the desire to share musical knowledge, as well as to produce an emotional impact on the audience. Economically speaking, these things cannot be sold on the shelf in the form of a retail item, but they are services. Fortunately, the EDM community is acting as the engine driving the music industry from the late retail business model to the service oriented market of today. And not only that, some of their practices are 100% non-profit and 100% successful. There are many clues forecasting the direction of this artform, and it’s both exciting and reassuring to know it’s being done with positive motivations. Therefore, this issue of Electropolis commends the EDM artists that have proven philanthropy, selflessness and appreciation for the music lover to be lucrative paths to success.


Teaching the next generation of EDM artists, Deadmau5‘s record label, Mau5Trap, presented a live stream in partnership with Beatport on March 23. Hosted at Honor Roll Music, the stream for Mau5Hax lasted for nearly twelve hours as five young competition winners put their skills to the test—producing two songs under the guidance of Mau5 himself, Feed Me, Moguai and Kill The Noise. Fans watching the event from home had the chance to collaborate as well with the featured English rap group, Foreign Beggars, by posting their ideas for lyrical content on Facebook. By the end of the stream, two tracks were created “Titty Sprinkles” and “Fractals” which can be downloaded for free on Beatport.

Pretty Lights Music

Derek Vincent Smith a.k.a Pretty Lights is a real practitioner of “art for art’s sake.” His record label, Pretty Lights Music, has offered their music for free since its founding. Its business strategy is revenue maximization instead of profit and its goal is to give you the most thrilling EDM performance ever. Due to the success of his music and label, PLM has been able to sign artists such as the legendary Gramatik—offering the finest sample-based EDM music for, you guessed it…free.

Rusko Offers Remix Collection For Free

In December, Rusko released a precursor to his new album that dropped last month—Songs. The gift consisted of fourteen free remixes of various artists Rusko had done between 2006 and 2010. The album is a combination of officially released remixes, as well as some original un-mastered raw mixes. If you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet, it’s available for on his official Web site.

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Green Day Prepares Hall Of Fame Induction Speech for Guns N’ Roses

According to RollingStoneGreen Day will be inducting Guns N’ Roses into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 14th. Former GN’R members Slash, Duff McKagan, Steven Adler, Matt Sorum, and Dizzy Reed have confirmed they’ll be attending the ceremony in Cleveland. However, it’s possible that lead singer and last remaining original member Axl Rose may pull a no-show along with co-founding guitarist, Izzy Stradlin. If they neglect the ceremony, it’s unlikely that the band would perform without them.

If G’n'R doesn’t make it, there will still be plenty of other talent on display. In addition to Green Day, Chris Rock will induct the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bette Midler for Laura Nyro, Chuck D for the Beastie Boys, ZZ Top for Freddie King, Carole King for Don Kirshner, John Mellencamp for Donovan and Steve Van Zandt for Small Faces/Faces. Also, Robbie Robertson will attend to induct Cosimo Matassa, Tom Dowd and Glyn Johns, and Smokey Robinson will induct the Blue Caps, the Comets, the Crickets, the Famous Flames, the Midnighters and the Miracles.


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