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Rick Ross Poses Deep Theological Questions On The Cover Of “The Black Bar Mitzvah,” Releases Two New Music Videos

Rick Ross, the don of the unstoppable Maybach Music Group, has been keeping himself busy since the late July release of God Forgives, I Don’t. Not only has Ross had time to make and release a handful of music videos (some of which are for tracks that aren’t even on God Forgives), but he’s about to drop another mixtape, The Black Bar Mitzvah, on us, the undeserving, unwashed masses.

Just look at the fantastic cover art at the top of this post via HowFlyHipHop. Soak it in for a minute. Ross’ visage, meshed and inseparable from the Star of David. This image raises a lot of important theological and philosophical questions. How close can man come to a high power? What of the relationship between spirituality and wealth? Is Rick Ross God?

While we don’t have any music from The Black Bar Mitzvah just yet, (the mixtape comes out October 8th) you can still check out the visuals for Ross’ “Bury Me A G” featuring T.I. and MMG member Stalley’s “Fountain Of Youth” featuring Ross and Nipsey Hustle after the jump.

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Musicians And Their Controversial Politicking

The election season is upon us! (We’re hoping that you’ve already taken the time to register to vote.) Soon Saint Electicus will shuffle down our ballot boxes, leaving us glad tidings and elected officials we’re not really satisfied with under the election tree. Be sure to leave a glass of milk and a plate of warm fresh bills for St. Elick!

The elections tend to stir up some intense feelings in a lot of people. Even some of our favorite musical acts can get caught up in the political fervor of it all. Sometimes this can be the catalyst to some great songwriting, inspiration to stoke the flames of creation! And sometimes, since many musicians are also public figures, these political utterances can inspire some statements that might make the most of us take pause, many of them happening in the past few months! Nicki Minaj anyone? Join us as we take a look into a few other notable musician’s political misadventures.

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Justin Bieber Pukes On Stage

Say what you will about pop wunderkind Justin Bieber, the kid’s a consummate professional. The well coiffed 18 year old performer just kicked off his Beliebe, I’m sorry, Believe tour in Glendale, Arizona over the weekend. However, a combination of new tour jitters and lactose (milk was a bad choice) must’ve taken a toll on Beiber’s digestive tract.

As the singer descended to the stage during “Out of Town Girl,” the Bieb was stuck by sudden reflux. Turning to face away from the audience, to spare his devoted Beliebers the sight of their god reduced something so base and human as regurgitation, Beiber threw up on stage and quickly ran off. Thanks to one well placed fan with a recording device, video of the episode caught fire online. The vomit went viral and you can check out the clip for yourself after the jump.

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Meet The Winners Of The Intel® “Canada Superstars” Competition!

We made it folks! After three rounds of competition, hundreds of entrants from all over the Great White North and thousands of fans making their voices heard, we have our winners for the Intel® “Canada Superstars” Competition! These seven acts represent some of the best that their respective genres, and Canada, has to offer. Musically speaking, in any case. So without further ado, here are your winners and their winning entries! And thanks to all of the musicians who entered the competition! You really gave these guys a run for their loonies. Continue reading ‘Meet The Winners Of The Intel® “Canada Superstars” Competition!’

Clear Channel Is Paying Radio Royalties To Artists! (If You’re On The Right Label)

Clear Channel looks its taking it upon itself to change how royalties are paid to artists played on the radio. On Thursday the media conglomerate announced that it had struck a deal with Glassnote Entertainment Group that would provide income to the label and their roster of artists for broadcasts of their music through terrestrial and online streaming Clear Channel stations.

While many of the nitty gritty details of the deal remain undisclosed, there are two big takeaways. First, Clear Channel would payout a percentage of their revenue to Glassnote, home of top selling folk-rock act Mumford & Sons and indie darlings including Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club, for over the air broadcasts of their artist’s music. This stands in stark contrast to the history of radio royalties in the United States.

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Mumford & Sons Find The Secret To Monster Sales In “Babel”

Step aside No Doubt. And scoot over Green DayLupe, not this time. There’s a new kid on the block taking the top spot on the charts. And by kid, I mean sons.

In a week of heavy sales competition from the likes of a comeback record from 90s icons, the first in a planned album trilogy from pop-punk stalwarts, and a rapper whose latest release consciously recalls his halcyon days, it looks like Mumford & Sons is hurtling past them all to the top of the Billboard album chart. The band’s second record, Babel, is projected to sell up to 600,000 units by Sunday, September 30th, according to Billboard.

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Apple Lost An IP Case To Myspace. Wait, What?

Seems that Apple, interested in shoring up as much intellectual property as they possibly could, tried to trademark their Music player icon, that orange box to the left. But their efforts were for naught as another tech company had already beaten them to the punch, trademarking a similar icon. Egads! Who were the nefarious corporate saboteurs behind this? Perhaps Samsung, taking pot shots in response to their continued legal pounding at the hands of the iPhone makers? Or maybe Google, one of Apple’s adversaries in the patent wars?

Nope. According to GigaOM, it was Myspace. Myspace. Huh.

Between that pretty awesome trailer for their upcoming relaunch and this, Myspace is grabbing more headlines at the moment then they have in years.They’re having a hell of a week, huh? And when was the last time those words were written?!

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Enter Your Song Today For A Shot At A Spot On The Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour!

The Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour is back this year to melt a few more faces and scorch some more eardurms. The 2012 installment of the tour features some of the best young progressive and experimental post-hardcore acts out today, featuring Hail The Sun, The Orphan The Poet, I The Mighty, A Lot Like Birds, and headlining act Dance Gavin Dance! That’s a pretty stacked lineup, but OurStage wants to make it even better by adding one more band to the bill: yours.

OurStage and the folks behind the Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour have partnered up to bring you the “Rock Yourself To Sleep” Competition which will give seven bands the opportunity to play on the tour for a handful of select dates. Each leg of the tour will be represented in the competition by seven distinct regional channels. The winner of each channel will earn a chance to open for the tour at the show in their region. You can find the full rules and guidelines to the competition here. That said, hee competition is already open for entries so what are you waiting for? Get in there!

The Musicians With The Most Eyebrow Raising Pieces Of Body Art

Many musicians have talents and creative energy that require outlets music just can’t provide. Some are writers, penning books of turgid prose to match their affected prosody. Some act, and can be seen on both big or small screens with a bit part here or a cameo role there. Then there are those that feel the need to express themselves through the static visual medium of paint. And what greater canvas is there than that of the living canvas, the human body?

Yes, it seems like every musician is getting inked up these days. Hell, 45 million Americans of all walks of life now have some form of permanent body art on their person. But, as any fateful walk on along the beach these days will tell you, not every tattoo is a winner. It’s hard to say that any work of art is bad, per se since taste is subjective. One man’s Rothko on his pec can be another woman’s velvet Elvis on her wrist.

In this spirit, join us as we chronicle some of the most, um, “eyebrow raising” pieces of body art on some of our favorite musical acts.

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Footage Of Lil Wayne’s Deposition Is The Best Video You’ll Watch All Week

Lil Wayne is going to court! But he’s not the one on trial this time. In fact, it’s Wayne who’s bringing suit.

Wayne, or Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. for legal purposes, is taking Quincy Jones III to court over The Carter, the documentary focused on Lil Wayne that Jones III had a hand in producing. While Wayne had initially agreed to let a film crew follow him around the time of The Carter III’s writing and release, Wayne has since attempted to block the release and distribution of the documentary. The two have been legally entangled for years. In this most recent round of legal wrangling, Wayne had to be questioned by Pete Ross, Jones III’s lawyer, in a deposition which was recorded for reference or evidence at some point down the line.

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