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Do You Think You’re The Best? Then Maybe You’re November’s El Headliner!

Many artists may think that they are the best. But do they really have the skills to pay the bills? If you think you do and you’re a Latin music artist, then OurStage has the opportunity for you.

That’s right, Tr3s “El Headliner” Competition is back for October and it’s better than ever! The top Latin music act, as chosen by thousands of OurStage users and special celebrity guest judge Sohanny, will be crowned El Headliner. And to the victor go the spoils: October’s El Headliner will receive unparalleled television and online exposure through MTV Tr3s’ Top 20, Music My Güey, Descubre & Download, and Blogamole. That’s a whole lot of new ears and eyes for your music! So what are you waiting for? Enter your song today!

The Civil Wars, Citing “Irreconcilable Differences,” Cancel Upcoming Tour Dates

First, let’s get this out of the way. Americana duo The Civil Wars, comprised of John Paul White (a little bit country) and Joy Williams (a little bit rock n’ roll) are married, just not to each other.

That said, news of the group’s cancellation of their upcoming tour dates read like divorce papers. “We sincerely apologize for the canceling of all of our tour dates. It is something we deeply regret,” in a message posted to The Civil Wars’ website and Facebook page. “However, due to internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition we are unable to continue as a touring entity at this time.”

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Courtney Love (Ew) Says Nirvana Musical (Gross) Isn’t Happening (Thank God)

You know things are getting out of hand when Courtney Love has to step in to be the voice of reason.

Love, the wife of the late, great Kurt Cobain, stated in an interview with The Observer that rumors regarding musical about her relationship with her deceased husband were just that. “There will be no musical,” said Love. “Sometimes it’s just best to leave things alone.”

Wait, since when was there going to be a Nirvana musical? Says who?! Sam Lufti, that’s who.

Lufti, the sometimes co-manager of Love, is currently involved in a rather ugly lawsuit with one of his past clients Britney Spears. While testifying under oath Lufti made mention of a potential stage or screen adaptation of Cobain’s life story and the music of Nirvana.

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Twelve Of The Worst Mixtape Covers Of All Time

Artwork is one of the more under appreciated aspects of music as product. It’s unjust. Even in this day and age, when an artist can just take a picture with a smart phone, slap on an Instragram filter, and call it an album cover. IT STILL MATTERS, PEOPLE. The album cover is the forward facing marketing element for your music. If someone has never heard you, an attractive or eyecatching cover may pique their interest. Which makes terrible album artwork all the more worthy of scorn.

Now there’s a ton of examples of bad release artwork floating out in the ether, but today we turn our focus on bad mixtape cover art. Maybe it’s because mixtapes are typically low budget releases. Many on the mixtape circuit don’t have a professional design team to do their art direction. Whatever the reason, there’s just so many terrible mixtape covers. And bear in mind that every one of those artists with a mixtape with a wack cover thought the artwork was COOL AS HELL.

So let’s celebrate the campiest, the corniest, and the most trifling examples of bad mixtape covers after the jump.

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Matt Nathanson Thinks Taylor Swift Re-Appropriated His Lyrics

Man, people these days. You break a couple of sales records and OUT COME THE HATERS.

I’m sure all Taylor Swift wants to do right now is sit back, relax, maybe get into a fraught high-profile relationship, and bask in her achievements. Red, the pop songstress’ fourth album, went platinum and then some in its debut week on the charts. I’m not sure if you’re aware of the current state of the music industry, but that just doesn’t happen anymore.

But no, Swift find herself beleaguered, in spite of (or maybe because of) her runaway success. First was the Country Music Association Award skewers and snubs. And now, allegations of plagiarism?

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Death Grips, Epic Records Part Ways

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Except when it isn’t.

Epic Records is seeking to divest themselves of Death Grips, the noise-rap trio that the major label famously signed back in February.

In a statement released to Pitchfork, Epic Records stated that they were in the process of, “working to dissolve our relationship with Death Grips. We wish them well.”

Like hell they do. Though to be fair, Epic has every reason to be upset.

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The xx Announce Fresh US Tour Dates, Hurricane Sandy Makeups

British indie rock trio The xx have been touring in support of their sophomore effort Coexist for the better part of the past year. Though the group is about embark on a European run that will take them right up to the start of the holiday season (“I need a vacation from this vacation!” – The xx) the group won’t be away from the road for too long.

Last night The xx announced a fresh set of US tour dates for early 2013 through their Facebook. And what better way to beat the winter doldrums than with some sparse, downtempo jams?

News of the dates was accompanied with an announcement that tickets for all Hurricane Sandy related show cancellations in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City would be honored at upcoming dates.

We’ve got the full dates for you right after the jump.

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It’s Less About The Spooks And More About The Goofs In The Swellers’ “Pretty Normal Activity”

We all know that Halloween rules. Historically it meant candy, costumes, and adult beverages for those of us who are of age. Fun! Now that we’re living in the digital age we can tack on viral halloween parodies to that list as well.

The Swellers, along with their friends in Into It. Over It. and Broadway Calls, just put out Pretty Normal Activity, a fun little video of the punk rockers spoofing the Paranormal Activity movie franchise. A quick runthrough of the films for the uninitiated: unlucky family unit install cameras in their house, stuff moves, people get possessed, and jump scares, jump scares, jump scares.

For those that aren’t fans of scary, fear not! A sly send up of the source material, Pretty Normal Activity is just pretty funny. But it’s not that normal. These guys are weird. But fun weird.

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Going Out On Your Own: When Affiliates Break Away From The Posse

The group is a celebrated convention of hip-hop music culture. N.W.A. Wu-Tang Clan. Public Enemy. De La Soul. Need we say more? Greater than then sum of their parts, these are groups with famous individual members whose collective efforts are generally more celebrated than their solo material.

Cut to the modern day. The tradition of the hip-hop group is still alive and well. Black Hippy, for example, is a supergroup of sorts though they don’t have a release to their collective name. Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q both enjoyed well-received releases this year, with Control System and Habits and Contradictions respectively. Yet neither release made the same splash as Kendrick Lamar, the most visible member of Black Hippy, and his major label debut good kid, m.A.A.d. city. But little else did. Even Jay Rock, the fourth and most slept on member of Black Hippy, has seen his profile rise considerably as of late, if only by proxy.

Black Hippy’s success is exceptional in a number of ways. No one release or member can be pointed to as the genesis for the success of the rest. Lamar is flying high right now, but Black Hippy was never entirely his show. It’s also rare for a group to have all of their members do as well as all four in Black Hippy have. In a hip-hop group dynamic, it’s not unusual for a member or two to become prominent. The rest will experience varying levels of popularity but the likelihood that each member fully breaks through is low.

But egos clash. Friendships fray. Artistic visions deviate. So, what happens to rappers who try to make it on their own?

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A$AP Rocky Pushes Back The Release Of “LongLiveA$AP”

Hey, I’ve got a joke for you. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a rapper pushes back their highly anticipated release much to the chagrin of a clamoring fan base.

That’s right, A$AP Rocky fans, you’re going to have to wait a little longer to hear the fruits of Rocky’s labor. In an interview with Nessa of Bay Area radio station WILD 94.9 Rocky, real name Rakim Meyers, talked at length about his to be released LongLiveA$AP, the  full length debut and the follow up to the Harlem rapper’s breakthrough mixtape LiveLoveA$AP. “All right, so tell us, the album. If you could tell us anything about it. It’s coming soon?” asks the pink haired Nessa.

Well, not quite.

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