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Tr3s Offers Up Una Extraordinaria Promoción

They’re back! Our friends at Tr3s are once again gearing up to give one lucky Latin artist great exposure with the El Headliner Promotional package. Want a chance at the prize? All you have to do is enter your best track to the Tr3s Latin Music Channel by December 23rd. The prize includes editorial features in Free Latin Music, Blogamole and Music My Güey, as well as a spotlight on Lo Que Te Pica . Enter now for your chance to win!

Enter Your Punk Anthem To Win Strings From Ernie Ball

Do you have a song that’s loud, fast, aggressive and rebellious? If so, then it probably belongs in the Ernie Ball Punk Channel. Each month Ernie Ball sponsors a different channel on OurStage, and this month they’ve decided to give the OurStage punks an opportunity to win some free Ernie Ball swag.

Enter your best punk anthem into the Ernie Ball Punk Channel by December 23, 2011, and you could win a year’s supply of strings and accessories from the legendary string company. Spread the word and encourage your fans to judge if you want a chance to receive one awesome holiday gift. The clock’s ticking, so enter now!

Live Wired: Why We Love Live Music So Much

Every week at Live Wired, we talk about different live performances, from national acts to OurStage artists, and attempt to explore what made each show unique and memorable. Despite what changes in the world of music, artists keep touring the country and the world, and we keep buying tickets to go see them. We can sit and review numbers and earnings from concerts or discuss how important touring is to an artist’s career, but that would be no fun. Instead, we want to get to the heart of the matter; why do we love live music so much? Why do we spend the money, take road-trips, wait in line for hours and sing until we lose our voices? These are the questions we asked all different kinds of people in the past few weeks; young and old, music lovers and casual listeners, all with very different tastes. Here’s what we came up with as we take a stab at figuring out the wonder that is live music.

Sense of Community & Good Atmosphere

When asking people about their best concert memories, the majority of the answers we received centered around the crowd itself and the overall feel of the show. Whether it’s a giant annual festival like Lollapalooza, or a band like Steel Train playing a small show, the people surrounding you are important. A combination of genuine respect for the artist and also for your fellow concert-goers can really make an event that much better; when you’re all focused on the music, it’s the only thing that matters. We heard lots of people tell us that going to a concert makes them feel like a part of a giant family. It’s an incredible thing, being surrounded by strangers who can turn into friends for one night just because you all are passionate about the same thing.

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Exclusive Q&A: Primus Gets Their Groove Back With ‘Green Naugahyde’

OurStage Exclusive InterviewsYou’d be hard pressed to find someone to call metal funky. But, if there was ever a band to excel at bringing the groove—among other things—to the age-old genre, it would be Primus. Then again, the storied group, that is most well known for creating the theme song for the popular satire cartoon series South Park, has been categorized in a plethora of different genres ranging anywhere from progressive rock to grunge to thrash to post-punk to psychedelica. Despite a brief hiatus in 2001, Primus has returned with a renewed energy and, after going through a number of lineup changes throughout its history, has settled into its current trio. Guitarist Larry “Ler” LaLonde was kind enough to spend some time with OurStage to give us an insider view of the creation of Primus’ latest album Green Naugahyde, the band’s upcoming tour and his experience working with the band’s returning drummer Jay Lane.

OS: There are a lot of different ways that the band has been described over the years. If you had to describe your own music with a term or a phrase, what would you use?

LL: Yeah, you’re right, because over the years it’s been called everything. Ahh, it’s just, you know, it’s “Freedom Rock”. Do you know “Freedom Rock”? [laughs]

OS: You were on a brief hiatus before you recorded this album. What was it like to come back together and record this?

LL: Well, it was actually pretty great for me, because I was pretty anxious to do some more Primus. When it all came together, and then Jay ended up being in the band and we got in a room and started playing, it was great, because all of a sudden we started writing songs. We had done some gigs over the last ten years but we hadn’t really done any writing or recording. So, you know, over that amount of time, I had come up with a lot of song ideas. Sometimes you’ll come up with an idea and you’re like “Aww, that’s a great Primus song” and so you don’t use it for anything else and then it kind of sits around. So, for me, it was great to all of a sudden to throw in these things that I had been sitting around waiting to use for Primus for a long time. Continue reading ‘Exclusive Q&A: Primus Gets Their Groove Back With ‘Green Naugahyde’’

Vocal Points: Where Have All The Voices Gone?

John Mayer isn’t known for his humility. In fact, quite the opposite—he’s been called showy, cocky and even called out for his womanizing ways. But he IS known for his voice. The way that he can make his fans melt with his sultry, light tones, both in a stripped-down live performance, and with layering of harmonies on his fully produced records. But all that became impossible for Mayer when he was diagnosed with granuloma (throat inflammation). After looking into alternative remedies, it was determined he would have to undergo throat surgery to fix the problem. And while the surgery is somewhat routine, and he’ll be able to perform again after he recovers, he explained that the experience was humbling, in a post on Tumblr “I never thought I’d be wishing I could do what I love again”. Like so many vocalists, Mayer had begun to take his voice for granted, and needed this experience as an awakening to move his career and life forward.

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Jae Apollo Vs. Jay-Z

Jay-Z is the king of the rap game. Widely regarded as one of, if not the, best living rapper, Hov has the unique ability to make street-hardened music but still sell tons of records and hit singles. Beginning his career in the early ’90s as a protege of childhood friend The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z has since set the record for Number 1 albums on the Billboard 200 (eleven total) by a solo artist. Despite all of his commercial success, no one can accuse him of selling out. Throughout his career he has always focused on making quality hip hop, and he never intentionally tries to pander to the Top 40 audience. Jay-Z is respected by rappers worldwide for his varied flow and complex rhyme schemes. All rappers strive to achieve the success that Jay-Z has had, and OurStage artist Jae Apollo is no exception.


OurStage's Jae Apollo








Like Jay-Z, Jae Apollo shares a similar attention to detail in his flows. Check out his song “Rule The World Freestyle” and you can hear an emcee at the top of his game. In fact, this song shares some similarities in style to Jay-Z’s debut album Reasonable Doubt, particularly the track “Feelin’ It.” Both songs are based around a dusty piano loop and a basic drum beat. The simple beat in both songs allows each rapper to showcase their complex flows and wordplay without the beat getting in the way. While the Jae Apollo song is slightly faster than Jay-Z’s, both emcees use similar flows and continually change up their rhyming schemes throughout the song. “Sonnet 116″ uses a similar technique with its beat, by looping a piano melody on a simple drum beat. However, this song has a somewhat darker tone with subtle synths used in the background to create an eerie effect. “Warring With The Devil” is another song that shows stylistic similarities to Jay-Z, but this song has more in common with the rapper’s later career output rather than his early work. The beat uses the technique of speeding up samples and looping them that Jay-Z popularized on his album The Blueprint.

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LoveSick Radio To Rock The 99.5 WZPL Holiday Show!

‘Tis the season to announce another winner! With help from you—our marvelous OurStage fans—the judges have selected one winner from the hundreds of fantastic rock, pop and singer-songwriter entries in the “99.5 WZPL Holiday Concert Opening Act” Competition. We’re thrilled to announce that Ohio rock/pop band LoveSick Radio‘s “She Said Boys Don’t Matter” rocked its way to the top of the channel and won over the hearts of the judging panel. This song’s high energy feel and catchy melody placed it at the top of the heap. This means LoveSick Radio will be getting their holiday season started right with a trip to Indianapolis, IL for the 99.5 WZPL Holiday Party on December 7th! They’ll get to play for hundreds of people as well as open for The Fray.

Check out the playlist below to hear more from the band.

New Music Video Roundup

Ever since the launch of MTV in the early ’80s, music videos have been extremely important for artists. Videos are more than just a promotional tool; they are their own art form. A great music video can provide a distinct visual element to the song that you will remember every time you hear it. When Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” plays, most people can instantly picture its iconic video in their head. Here at OurStage we have a variety of great music videos in our many Video Channels. However, a few artists have dropped some brand new videos in the last few weeks, and they are so awesome that we needed to share them with you.

First off we have Late Cambrian, who won our “Kickoff To Kahbang” Competition a few months back. The band just released a music video for their song “ND Passerby (A Background Anthem),” which the band described as “about being an extra in movies and TV shows.” The video shows the members of the band experiencing the downsides of being an extra; being excluded from the VIP dressing room, having to use a different bathroom then everyone else and getting banned from the good snack table. There are some really interesting shots in the video, particularly between 1:25 and 1:37, which uses a neat stop motion effect. The video is really funny and it suits the upbeat, power pop style of the song.

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Exclusive Q&A: Zechs Marquise Reveals the Story Behind ‘Getting Paid’

OurStage Exclusive InterviewsAt its core, Zechs Marquise is about exploration. Specifically outer space exploration. As previously detailed in the 8/24 edition of Riffs, Rants, & Rumors, the band has close familial ties with the progressive rock band The Mars Volta—they even share a keyboardist. However, with the recent release of their latest work Getting Paid, the band demonstrates that they have taken steps towards creating a real sonic separation from any musical comparison to TMV or any other band out there. Bassist Marfred Rodriquez-Lopez stopped by to give us an idea of how Zechs Marquise manages to separate themselves from their peers, what influences the band musically, and the story behind supporting the last tour of one of their longtime friends, RX Bandits.

OS: When the band first started it was called Monolith. What was the reason to change the name besides the obvious reference to Gundam?

MR: (laughs) It is mainly because we realized there was something like three or four bands with the name Monolith from Texas. It’s funny, because they were from each of the major cities. There was one based out of Dallas, one based out of Austin, one out of Houston and another one out of San Antonio. So that was the main reason. We all loved the name, but then we were like “Oh man, there’s another band with that name? And they’re from Texas as well?”

OS: Were you were just chilling out, watching some episodes of Gundam Wing and just decided to go with that or…

MR: Well, we’d been watching it since I was a kid. And around that time, they had recently re-released them to DVD. So, I was watching some of the episodes at home one day before rehearsal and one of the things we all went home with the day before was “Alright, let’s come up with a new name.” Just because I had Gundam Wing fresh in my brain, we were all sitting around and I was like “What about Zechs Marquise?” I kind of actually threw it out there as a joke, because my brother and I were watching it earlier. I kind of laugh about it now, because everyone was like “You know, I kind of like that.” So we kept it. You know, he’s one of the cooler characters in the TV show. He’s the bad guy at first and then he’s a good guy and then goes back to being a bad guy. It all depends on what your view of good and bad is. Continue reading ‘Exclusive Q&A: Zechs Marquise Reveals the Story Behind ‘Getting Paid’’

Twin Berlin Hits The Studio With Travis Barker

Since their win in Guitar Center’s “Your Next Record with Travis Barker” Competition last March, Twin Berlin have been busy. Not only were they flown to LA to record at Red Bull Studios with renowned drummer Travis Barker, but they were also interviewed by MTV, wined and dined by Guitar Center and hooked up with some new swag from The Fast Life, Travis Barker’s clothing line. It’s safe to say their time in LA was a whirlwind adventure! Check out what Matt, Sean and James had to say about their experience.

SUNDAY: ”We landed in LA and everything started to really sink in. Picked up the rental car, rolled up to the hotel where we were met with screaming fans trying to bust in the front lobby. OK, that didn’t really happen, but we can pretend, right?”

MONDAY: “Day 2 in Los Angeles kicked off our recording at Red Bull Studios with Travis Barker. Even before we got there the crew was loading in Travis’ drums and getting everything together to start tracking (oh, and James is using Travis’ kit for the recordings!!)”

TUESDAY: “Tuesday started out with more of the same… potty humor, working out the click track/setting the tempo, tracking like a pro. We’ve done some things in studio that I never thought would happen in a million years.”

WEDNESDAY: ”When we arrived in studio, it was a madhouse. Travis and crew were already there, Haven was setting up for the EPK interviews and MTV news stopped in to do a brief interview with us and with Trav.” Continue reading ‘Twin Berlin Hits The Studio With Travis Barker’


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